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Rusty B.
Montclair, CA

Wow! This isn't just a dentist ... This is dental artistry! After our primary dentist retired we needed a new home for our dental health and this is the place to go to. Their advanced technology paired with passionate personal care is exactly what our family needed. Thank you Cunning Dental! This is the only dentists I would recommend !

Nijole T.
Los Angeles, CA

This would be one of those times I am glad I listened to my husband. He's squeamish about going to the dentist and when I told him I was going for a cleaning he said this is the only place he would go to. Fine. We'll drive half an hour if that gets the job done. Got appointments first thing both at the same time and were seen right away. They offer a complementary exam including X-ray's which also got done quickly and efficiently with a smile, every person there is a delight to deal with. I have been there twice now for cleaning and fillings and been very satisfied each time.

My husband is also super satisfied and even though we have dental insurance and did not have to pay much out of pocket, they work with you on the pricing if this is an issue.

I have never been to a dentist this great, ever, worth the drive, we will continue to come here.

Christina B.
Hesperia, CA

I recently had my first appointment with Cunning Dental. I am a person that fears dental work in an extreme way so I wait way too long to get it done which causes my dental issues to be way more extreme than they should be. I was embarrassed to go to the dentist because I had 2 crowns that had broken and there was some decay. My last dental appointment was 2-3 years prior and I had been scolded by my previous dentist which worried me about having that happen again this time. For my initial appointment we did xrays and made a treatment plan, everyone treated me with kindness and no one made me feel ashamed or embarrassed about my dental problems. We made a treatment plan and and I came back a few days later to get the work done. The dentist explained that if I experienced any pain, discomfort or if I just needed a break to let him know and he would stop. They cheered me on throughout the 3 hours of work and checked on my comfort levels many times. They also allowed me to wear my headphones to help drown out some of the drilling noises which helped with my anxiety. They also gave me a blanket the minute I sat in the chair to keep me warm. I have another appointment in 2 weeks which I'm not nearly as nervous for now that I know what to expect. I would highly recommend them to anyone fearful of dental work.

Erica I.
Moreno Valley, CA

Experience has been great so far. Got my wisdom tooth taken out and got a filling. I was told during my initial visit/exam that I would need a root canal but when my dentist looked over my X-rays on my second visit (to get the work done) he saw that all I needed was a filling and was confident he could save my tooth. Did not feel like I was being ripped off and felt very comfortable. High stressed and full of anxiety, of course, but felt that I was in good hands with a great dentist who knew what he was doing.

There were a couple things that irritated me, though. They send you multiple confirmations for your appts. I will receive two text messages, an email and a phone call. Second, one of the receptionists is rude and not at all friendly to the patients and dental assistants but will chit chat about her weekend out loud with her co-worker. She is the reason why it's a 4 star and not a 5.

Rhonda D.
Hemet, CA

Wow....what can I say but what an amazing bunch of people. From the minute I walked in the door and until I walked out I was given A+++ service. The office was beautiful and exceptionally clean. I went in for a consult to have full dental implants but was advised I only needed the top ones done. I was more than willing to have the bottom ones done to but he was honest and told me I had good bottom teeth and should keep them. I felt very comfortable and in good hands so soon I will have some new gorgeous teeth and a beautiful smile to go with it. =)

Veronica R.
Ontario, CA

Can't say enough about this office!! My family and I have been patients for a few years now & every time we are treated with the utmost professionalism & courtesy!! I would recommend Cunning Dental to everyone!!!

Clarisa C.
Montebello, CA

The staff was very friendly and professional. I enjoyed my visit here and I am coming back to get work done :)

Tracy L.
Upland, CA

This is the first dentist office where I have comfortable every time I go. From the front office staff to the dentists to the orthodontists, they are consistently pleasant and professional. The entire office is clean and inviting. I would recommend Cunning Dental highly.

Chris M.
Moreno Valley, CA

Fast friendly service...i had a unfortunate accident ,and they took me as a new patient the very next day and even put a rush order on my new tooth. The young lady (Christy) that helped through the process was very organized, knowledgeable and friendly. She informed me of all my billing options and walked me through insurance process, which made my out of pocket expense very small. ONLY THING THAT I DID NOT LIKE, was she told me i could not use the "CELEBRITY" entrance. :( Great dental office !!!!

Heather X.
Ontario, CA

I'm reading a lot of these negative reviews and I guess everybody's experience is different but I have been going to this dentist since 2002 because of my extreme fears in which I still have only because I'm a hypochondriac and have bad anxiety when it comes to dentist! they are considerate and caring towards people who are scared and I have went in with pain and actually got an appointment to get my situation taken care of the next day even with the sleep sedation! I feel this place deserves a better rating! I have no dental insurance but I am able to make payments via care credit! You are not pressured to do anything you don't want done! If u are afraid of the dentist come here get the sleep dentistry and get your mouth back to health little by little if money is a concern take care of the worst and go from there! I have not been over charged and was actually credited $ to my care credit due to the dr. Saying one procedure was not needed afterall! So I find that to be a big bonus!! Thank u dr derik for being a truth telling professional!

Christopher Z.
Downtown, Los Angeles, CA

I find it rather hilarious that all of these reviews that are "negative" all have to do with financial issues. I am blessed to have great insurance, and have been going to cunning dental for about 5+ years now, and I wouldn't change it. I have never been bombarded with an extensive bill, or been told I needed treatments that I didn't need. If anything in my past experiences with dentist, I've always had problems (which they corrected).

I initially went to Cunning because a coworker recommended them to me after my wisdom teeth got infected and caused me to get a 105 fever. I called them on a Saturday, and they were able to take me that following Monday. I had my exam, and then they prescribed me antibiotics. I was scheduled to have my wisdom teeth pulled, and the procedure scared me but after the fact I was overwhelmed with happiness. They are always gentle, and provide excellent service.

Since going to them, I have my regular cleanings and have also had to have a root canal re-done (previous dentists didn't do it properly). I haven't had a cavity, nor other dental issues since being with them.

My mother just had some dental work done with them today, and I will update the post with another review shortly after her recovery.

They are reasonable as the work that my mother had done was shopped around, and their pricing was one of the best!

Definitely will continue going there, and recommend it to all of my family.

Michelle D.
Los Alamitos, CA

This office has EVERYTHING! When you first walk in, the lobby has this beautiful garden in the middle, the receptionists are very friendly and professional. We came in because I heard their add from the radio advertising a smile in a day procedure who doesn't want a beautiful smile in a day! We were offered a free first time visit with X-rays. The exam doctor, Dr. Jackson was very thorough with his diagnosis and went over all options in detail. Since my dad was a candidate for the smile in a day ( this is for people with a lot of missing teeth or dentures) we were invited to the seminar. Dr. Chen and Dr. Khatami talked in detail about what the smile in a day is and they even had a guy that went through the procedure explain how he felt after the surgery. This really helped my dad nerves since the dentist is not his favorite place to be. We scheduled an appointment for today to come back in to talk to the financial lady. She went over my treatment for crowns and then my dads for the smile in a day, they have get this 3 finance companies and can offer no interest payment plans. This was a godsend for us and this makes the entire thing affordable! My dad is now scheduled for his surgery and I am for my crowns. This office has beyond impressed me from the moment I walked in, we will be patients here from now on!

Angelina Nicole L.
Riverside, CA

I absolutely love this place. The staff is very attentive to all your needs. They made me feel very comfortable when I was extremely scared. Dr. Cunning has a very good group of doctors that I would recommend to anyone. When I came in as a new patient I filled out paperwork then did x-rays. Once I saw the exam doctor she was very very thorough with all the work that I needed. When I saw the coordinator she gave me so many options of payments: In-house contract, cash, or 24 months 3rd party financing. Another thing I liked was their 1st sleep of my treatment was free :)!!!!! When the time came for my appointment, Dr. Derik was not only sweet but he made it all better.

My crowns are now 4 years old and they are going strong. I also brought my mom for The smile in a day or all on 4 as they call it. Her smile is the most beautiful smile I have seen in my life. Dr Khatami & Dr Chen are amazing, my mom went from a life of no Pictures and no smiles, to now being the center of attention. I have so much to thank Dr. Cunning and his amazing staff!! I highly recommend them!!

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Jerry S.
Los Angeles, CA

I'm currently in the process of the all on 4 for upper and lower teeth - the work is not complete yet because I am a rare case with a real long history of severe dental issues.

I found this place via kfi radio and some friends that have had work done there and when I say I'm a rare case I mean rare - it doesn't get any worse than my case, Me!

thus far I am really pleased with the way cunning dental is handling my issues, I have the all on 4 implants already in and because I never really seen my adult teeth they have done a great job on matching the size needed, everyone is different and their likes vary from person to person, im about a month and a half into this and so far so good and trust me when I say "I'm not easy to please" so far I've been a pest and they never once put me down or turned me off. all I can say is this - I cant wait to see the final product(permanent teeth) go in, im sure I will be pleased as they've shown me that they are serious about my being pleased. for those of you without serious issues such as mine all this can be done in a day - even if you are as bad as me then all I can say is stay that way or take the chance - even with my transitional teeth I'm pleased.

we cant expect people to be psychic so talk to them, let them know what you want and they will do their best to make it happen and btw cunning is the best in the west unless youre a tight wad and think money is more important than what you really want and need. Go Cunning! I will update my review periodically so you can follow the progress.

Alex G.
Glendale, CA

I recently got some dental work done at Cunning Dental. Here is my experience:

Office: They have a very nice office. Big reception area with plenty of seating available. The exam room was very clean. They have a dental laboratory on-site and they have a big banner in the front saying 45 year anniversary. I asked the receptionist and she said that they are a family owned business for 45 years. Wow.

Staff: Everyone was so nice and professional from the receptionist to the dental assistant. Each staff member had their role and I was impressed with how it was managed.

Dentists: Dr. Chen & Dr. Khatami were amazing. They made sure to explain everything that was going to happen and they answered all my questions. I was very impressed with the results and am I truly grateful for their skills in helping me fix my teeth.

Overall: I highly recommend Cunning Dental. They are all very nice & professional, they have a lab on-site and I am very pleased with the results which is the most important thing!

nick m.
Los Angeles, CA

I visited this dental office for a second opinion on some dental work needed for my child.
They were so friendly and professional. The staff was all smiles and all procedural elements were explained clearly.
Price was also reasonable for scope of work.
I am a very happy customer. !

Linda C.
Long Beach, CA

I have been going to Cunning Dental for almost 37 years...and even when I lived as far away as Montana and Washington State I always made appointments for when I was visiting family here and have never been to another dentist in all this time. I have always been more than happy with their work, and Doctor Cunning has always been so good to his staff that year after year I see the same faces and they seem to be happy ones. I have a deep seated fear of dentists and dental work going back to when I was only 6 years old and Dr. Cunning and his staff have treated me in a kind and gentle manner consistently all these years AND very professionally as well. I would highly recommend them to anyone for any level of dental work.

Cherry L.
Phoenix, AZ

After having been to Cunning Dental, I am really surprised by all the negative reviews for them. My experience with them has been really great so I hoping that this won't fall on deaf ears. They really do deserve more kudos than what's been said.

I came home to visit family and one of my teeth was really bothering me so my friend recommended I go see their dentist. I wasn't all that excited about driving all the way from the South Bay just to see a dentist but since it came as a recommendation and I didn't know where else to go, figured I'd try them out. When I called them, I let them know that I was from out of town and didn't have much time. The person who helped me was great about working with me to accommodate my limited access to getting a car to drive all the way over there. I got there and Sabrina checked me in and took care of me. The wait wasn't long at all. From the start Dr. Derik made me feel comfortable. I was very impressed with his bedside manner and technique. I didn't experience much discomfort.

Pretty simple fix and quick which was a big relief since I really didn't want to deal with anything big knowing I wasn't in town for long and certainly didn't want to be in pain on my flight back. No pressure at all. No one tried to force me into any big, unnecessary procedure which is why I am still surprised to read all the reviews of expensive procedures. Dr. Derik even told me to come back next time I was in town so he could check on me. I thought that was pretty nice. All in all, I know my experience wasn't as extensive as everyone else but in my book, they put me at ease and took care of me and my tooth. That's what counts.

Comment from Stella L. of Cunning Dental Group
Business Manager

8/19/2014 • Hi Cherry!
Thank you so much for allowing us to treat your dental needs. We are always willing to accommodate patients like you who drive a long distance. We appreciate you giving our practice the benefit of the doubt as we're confident that we could provide you and all our patients with the best care possible.

Lea B.
Upland, CA

I love Cunning Dental!! They have always taken great care of our family . I've been in situations where I need to come in quickly due to pain and they bend over backwards to get me treated quickly .

Kent B.
Newport Beach, CA

Well it has been a year since my last dental check up so I called my favorite dentist, Dr. Cunning at Cunning Dental in Montclair. When I made my appointment, the staff was friendly and helpful, I have limited time, but they made it easy for me to get an appointment fast. When I got to their office, I was called in right away, no waiting, I had wanted my teeth cleaned and an exam all at the same appointment and that is exactly what happened. First I had my teeth cleaned by one of their dental hygienist, he did an excellent job, very professional. After he was finished I was ushered in to get x-rays and then to Dr. Cunning. Dr. Cunning is truly wonderful and I always feel like family when I go see him. He has been in the same location for over 45 years and many of his staff have been with him for decades. After a review of my x-rays and a thorough examination, I was given a toothbrush, floss and toothpaste and a "great job" by Dr. Cunning. Lucky for me, another year of good dental health. If you're looking for a great dentist, go see Dr. Cunning at Cunning Dental Group in Montclair, it's well worth the drive.

Bob K.
Newport Beach, CA

I hate going to the dentist as a general rule but recently I needed some work that could not be put off. Besides I was in pain. I called Cunning Dental based upon a friend's recommendation and as soon as I told them I was in pain they made arrangement's to get me in to see Doctor James Chen immediately. He was amazing

They treated me like I was the prodigal son, someone who has stayed away from the dentist to long and is now welcomed once again into the health care fold. Right from reception, through digital x-rays, and the CT scan that I needed, everyone was kind and caring, and pretty quick as they all know I needed some relief. Dr. Chen made it clear that the tooth had to come out (what a relief) and that I will need an implant in the near future.

This practice was professional in every respect, fairly priced, and most of all they really cared about my pain and what I should do for better dental health.To tell you the truth I never had a moment of discomfort and my usual dental phobia and anxiety melted away as soon as I got in the chair

Sarah S.
Montclair, CA

They have been so helpful since i started going there. I'm glad i had chose them for my ortho. I have braces from cunning dental and the staff is really good. My teeth look so much better then before. I'm glad i ended up coming here. Even after some of these reviews i chose to see for myself. An i must say best choice so far.

Sarah S.
Montclair, CA

This place has been the best experience so far! I've been going there for ortho and i couldn't be anymore happier with the way things are going with my teeth!! Cunning dental has been good to me. The whole staff is amazing! I would recommend cunning to everyone. Despite the bad reviews I had made it a option to see how they really are for myself. I couldn't let bad reviews or bad days for people stop me from making my own decision. So i have to say Good Job Cunning Dental you deserve all 5 stars!!! I'm one satisfied customer! :)

S W.
Westminster, CA

I have been a patient since 2002. If you are looking for cheap, you are in the wrong place. Their pricing is NOT out of line. You get what you pay for and you pay for what you get!!!! They are very thorough and are not happy until you are happy and you look like a million bucks!!! I am more than willing to drive the 40 + miles to receive Superior quality services. I am not concerned that they don't run their business like Dominos Pizza. Although, not lightning fast, they are not turtle slow either. I realize that perfection takes time. For a fairly large operation, it is unusual that you are introduced to the owner, his son and ALL of the "A TEAM ." If I ever have questions or concerns I can speak to DR. Ron, his son, DR. Jackson or anyone else I need to speak with. I do not throw out 5 star reviews like candy on Halloween. Prior to this, my average review rating 3 stars. Having said that,
This ride is well worth the price of admission.

Elaine L.
Huntington Beach, CA

I have been going to Cunning for two years. I had already seen several dentists and knew I needed implants. Cunnings quote was the same as I had with other implant specialists.
Since then I have had fillings and cleanings and exams and replaced several very old yellow crowns.
I love everyone there. They always remember me and on my last visit, when I said good bye we all hugged....cause hopefully my teeth are all fixed.
It has been expensive because of the type of work I've had done.
It would be expensive no matter where I went.
Dr. Matenfar is beautiful and kind and has taken wonderful care of me...
Dr. Chen as well.
It's a business. Maybe I should check prices more...maybe I will.
But I have had no problems that they haven't been able to work out with me.
As far as pricing...they can charge whatever they feel is proper....if I disagree than I can go somewhere else. I have absolutely no complaints!
And I might add...I come to them from Huntington Beach.

Bates M.
Ontario, CA

Cunning Dental Group was a pleasant experience, they seemed very professional, at least during my visit. A very friendly place where all the staff asks how you're doing.

Lauren C.
Pasadena, CA

I love my dentist. I have a severe anxiety disorder that likes to kick in when I have any type of procedure done. I've been going here for the last few years and even though I'm still scared, I've never walked out feeling like I've had a bad experience. The staff handle with care, especially if you communicate how you're feeling. My chompers are typically healthy and only require a cleaning. However, there was a time when I had to have multiple cavities filled after a few years of not going to the dentist. I went with the sleep dentistry for this procedure. I pretty much started to have a panic attack the moment I sat in the chair, and probably would not have made it through without the sleep option. You won't catch me saying I "enjoy" going to the dentist. Each visit is a struggle, but I'm glad I've found a practice that gets me and also keeps my smile looking good.

Ortencia P.
Montclair, CA

I had a great experience and really recomend this office, I had some work done and finished in two visits, professional and friendly staff.

Kent B.
Newport Beach, CA

It was time for my annual dental checkup so I went to Cunning Dental in Montclair. You have probably heard their ads on KFI, they offer a free exam and x -rays. Who would of thought of going to the dentist would be so enjoyable? My appointment was a 2pm and they called me in right at 2pm (no waiting). First I had my teeth cleaned, then x- rays, then Dr. Cunning came and gave me a complete exam. Lucky for me I had no problems or cavities. . I was so impressed with their professionalism and their clinic. They have everything you need for good dental health under one roof. They also specialize in dental implants and on their walls before and after photos of patients who got dental implants. These pictures are amazing and the patient stories are so touching. They told me they can do a complete implants in a day (becasue they have their own lab, CT scan, everthything). Very impresive, but lucky for me, my teeth are just fine. We all need to go to the dentist, so I would highy recommend Cunning Dental, tell them you want the KFI free exam and x- rays (this way you can save a little money).

Gail C.
Walnut, CA

I have had a very positive experience with Cunning Dental. they saw me quickly , free of charge to evaluate and set upa plan of treatment for a very bad gum infection. Care was given to me from everyone, especially Dr. Kovan

Dora L.
Upland, CA

I have been with Cunning Dental Group for ten plus years. The service has gotten better each year. The service is fast and the hours work with my schedule. The people are nice. The only drawback is that folks still don't know who I am after ten years. But, I guess we are not there to socialize.

Ron H.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

I've been going to Cunning Dental for two years now and have had nothing but good experiences. I've had work done while asleep, what a great practice. The people have all been friendly and professional.

Pura S.
El Segundo, CA

Before I went to Cunning Dental, my experience with other dentists was not good. For a simple cleaning, they have to give me shots to perform normal cleaning. But that all changed with Cunning Dental. Rafael of Cunning Dental is excellent and been so far the best oral hygienist that I've met. He is the reason why I continue going to Cunning Dental. Aside from that, all the staff are very friendly and helpful.

Thank you so much.

Heater L.
Perris, CA

I love cunning dental. They have great customer service and it is fast an easy to get appts. Thanks cunning dental!!!

Ellie O.
Covina, CA

My experience with Cunning Dental has been very positive. I originally went to their office to get an opinion about an infected tooth I had. I did not have dental insurance. Did the tooth really need to be extracted? One of their dental professionals came in and told me "Yes" and WHY it had to be extracted. She then called upon another dental professional for his opinion, and without her revealing her prognosis, he also concurred. I felt that their opinions were honest and I was fully informed about the prognosis and possible procedure.

Carol A.
Fontana, CA

Cunning Dental has been the best dental visit I've had in years reception is nice and the service is awsome. If you want find dental work and service all in one place come on over to cunning Dental.

Kip G.
Upland, CA

If you are apprehensive of dentists, this is the place to go !
I just had a root canal and 3 crowns done . Dr. Derek was professional, friendly,
and painless ! I highly recommend him !
I regularly have my teeth cleaned here. Raphael and Kerry are the very best ! Cunning dental is the only dentist I have found that really spends the right amount of time cleaning your teeth, and you leave with your mouth feeling clean and fresh.
The office staff is super friendly, the atmosphere is calm,
and they have enough experienced staff to take care of any dental problems that may arise. No more going to another dentist for a specialty need. They do it all , they even make your crowns right on site .
Don't wait until you have a tooth ache, make an appointment today for a check-up !

Erica E.
Sun City, CA

The doctors are very knowledgeable and professional. The staff was extremely courteous and helpful. They have state of the art equipment.

Brad H.
Los Angeles, CA

I guess most people only write reviews who have a bad experience and few are motivated to write who had a positive experience. Before I went to Cunning I spent several years researching Implants and talking to various dentists and found that there were cheap and expensive materials so some dentist us the cheap materials to get patients. The Dentist I had teaches Dental Implants at Loma Linda University. I had gone to USC for three years and they really messed up my mouth. I also found that USC got embroiled in a lawsuit with the inventor of a specific type of dental implant. Implants often need bone grafts but I was able to avoid those procedures thanks to the expertise of the current dentists at Cunning. In fact one time I was there my dentist was doing dental work on Dr. Cunning himself. I have an entire implant bridge for my upper and I have one last procedure to install a single implant tooth for my lower jaw.

I can now eat anything but gum, which sticks to the implant. I can eat without pain which wasn't the case for the last several years. My teeth were really messed up at USC Dental school. For cleaning OK. For Extraction OK but for implants I would never refer anyone to USC dental school. I had 10-20 Dental Profs look at my mouth and I got 10-20 different opinions.

The materials used for my implants are the best and they were very careful with me because of my high blood pressure. I am sensitive to dental pain and the procedures were painless. I was able to make payments on the balance after I refinanced my Prius and on those payments no interest was charged. I don't have to worry about eating anymore and my general health has improved. I went due to eating issues, but more and more people are commenting on how much my smile has improved and made my mouth more attractive. Before my upper teeth were broken, missing some, others caused me pain and I couldn't get USC to even put a reasonable temporary on the teeth that caused me pain. And I was PAYING THEM!!

I am now 68 and I didn't want to be in pain and have to eat soft food for the rest of my life. That my health has improved is a wonderful benefit.

I was sent to my primary doctor to get my blood pressure under control which has also made my health better because of Cunning Dental. I have been going to the dentist since I was 4 years old. Cunning Dental has the best dentists who have worked on my teeth and jaw. They have assured me that if there is a problem they are there to fix it. I drive 26 miles each way to get to Montclair which is just inside San Bernardino County.

I found them because of the KFI ads but I had been researching implants and have known people who had implants, including my own sister. Putting implants in the upper jaw is tricky because of the sinus cavities just above the bone. They were quite careful with me and took a catscan and made a model of my jaw to work from to be accurate as well as X-Rays. That is the first time I had a Catscan to have dental surgery and I've had 11 root canals and many filings and crowns from other dentists over the years.

I found out the hard way why twice yearly teeth cleaning is important. My son is learning from my error of putting off teeth cleaning by a dentist to once every 5 years of so. Prevention is much cheaper and healthier than dental implants.

I would recommend Cunning but it's not cheap. If you want cheap you'd better research implant materials to see why the difference is dramatic and affects your ability to chew. I am a happy patient of Cunning dental Group.

Iliana P.
Chino, CA

My daughter, who has CP and is on a wheelchair, had an accident and lost two of her upper front teeth. I was desvastated because it is very difficult to do dental work on her; it has to be under general anesthesia and Loma Linda, which is the only facility where she had dental work done before, uses the general anesthesia with the mask.

My daughter's primary doctor recommended Cunning Dental and I will be grateful my entire life. Within a month the dental work was completed. She was given a beautiful lava zirconia bridge and she received the most caring, compassionate and professional attention from everybody at Cunning dental. The doctors, the nurses and administrative personnel are all wonderful.

I have read some reviews of former patients complaining of how payments and other financial matters were handled. In our case, I can only say they were very profesional and helpful and tried to minimize our cost doing sedation instead of general anesthesia when possible, etc.

If you need to go to a good dental group, do not hesitate to go to Cunning, and if you, or any member of your family needing the dental work, is disabled you will be satisfied with their caring attention.

mitchell p.
Malibu, CA

I went here for a second opinion. Folks were extremely courteous and the office runs like a well-oiled machine. My comparitively weak insurance wasn't being accepted (it's their choice who they deal with) so the prices were higher than elsewhere. But with solid insurance, the numbers would have been competitive.

Mary A.
Montclair, CA

I have always had a good experience at Cunning Dental Group. The staff is very professional and friendly.

Michael M.
Upland, CA

My family and I started going to this palce about two years ago. Their staff is very proffesional and they are willing to work with you with their prices. My husband used to hate going to the dentist, but not anymore. They are very gentle and are also great with kids.

marsha c.
Laguna Hills, CA

I truly recommend this dentist office. The entire staff is really welcoming polite and helpful , the dentist and orthodontist are great. I have had dental work done here as well as finishing up my orthodontic work with braces in which case my teeth are turning out great to my expectations.. I have not had any problems yet even had root canal done and experienced no pain maybe just a little tugging but no pain was felt which i was very pleased with. I recommend Cunning Dental to anyone who needs dental or orthodontic work done who is looking for a warm pain free office. The even have sleep dentistry where you are sure to feel no pain. The office is even very well kept and clean has nice look to it. I live about an hour away but still choose to continue my work with them because it was and is worth the drive. I feel even if you live out of the area you should still atleast give this place and try and you will not be disappointed.

lucy s.
Montclair, CA

I like this dental office because they are very friendly, but most important did a great job with my whitening and root canal. I also had a few cavities done white.. Overall I can honestly say I feel comfortable getting my work done here. Also near my house, very convenient!!

Jaime V.
Azusa, CA

From the moment I walked in to the office, I was comforted by the friendly staff members and warm welcoming environment. Also,there is plenty of parking which is a plus for me. I was very nervous and fearful of the dentist but once I met the Doctors and learned about their great deal of experience, especially in sedation, I didnt feel as afraid anymore. The staff members cared enough about me to work with my budget and work schedule in order to make it possible to have my dental procedure done. Thank you Cunning Dental Group for the wonderful experience! Truly dentistry while you sleep!

Claudia N.
Los Nietos, CA

I made an appointment for my husband (who is my third child and VERY difficult to drag to annual check-ups) and of course he was a no-show to his first appointment. Managing a healthcare office myself, I know how frustrating it can be when you schedule an appointment for someone and they don't show-especially without 24 hour notice. They confirmed two days before, the day before,and reminded me about his appointment (as I had specified) on the day of the appointment. I work 6 days a week and do not want to have to drive him to his appointments after scheduling them (I think a lot of wives know where I'm coming from).

After letting him know how he disappointed me with being a no-show (I always complain to him about the no-shows in my office), he assured me he would make it to his next appointment. I rescheduled his appointment, and the staff was very understanding and professional.

He called me after his appointment today and told me he enjoyed his exam. He said the staff was very personable and knowledgeable. He was pleased with their presentation.

I am writing this review because I think that an office should be informed when they are doing a good job as much as a bad job, and this office has done a GREAT job.

My husband is a very blunt and sometimes critical person, and I was expecting to hear negative remarks when he called (come on-not many people enjoy the dentist), but was shocked and relieved to hear his praise for all of the staff. Thanks to Cunning Dental, I hope he will have a more positive outlook on going to the ophthalmologist appointment I scheduled for him next week. ;)