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New Irvine Location

Our newest addition to the Cunning Dental family, the Irvine office provides specialty care. While our fully equipped dental office provides almost all aspects of dentistry, we specialize in Permanent Teeth in 1 Day, single implants, and beautiful cosmetic dentistry.

Our Highly Qualified Team

Ben Javid, D.D.S.

Ben Javid, D.D.S.

James K. Chen, D.D.S.

James K. Chen, D.D.S.
Dental Treatments

Arshiya Sharafi, D.D.S.

Arshiya Sharafi, D.D.S.
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Janelle Frisina

Janelle Frisina
Chief Administrator

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Actual Patient Ann before Actual Patient Ann after
Actual Patient Richard A before Actual Patient Richard A after

Dental fee estimates

To provide you with the highest quality patient care, we provide a comprehensive estimate of fees as well as treatment options. Our knowledgeable treatment coordinators understand financial limitations and can offer solutions to help you work within your budget. For our patients with dental insurance we will work to maximize your benefits; and we will be happy to bill your insurance as a courtesy.

State-of-the-art meet state-of-the-art

Our office is at the forefront of advancements in cosmetic dentistry. Cunning Dental Group's highly skilled dentists work closely with master ceramists at our onsite, state-of-the-art, dental laboratory. This close collaboration and access to the latest technology allows us to offer our patients more specialized care, and faster results.

Dentistry while you sleep

Dental treatment is rarely at the top of anyone list of things they want to do today. We understand that and make your comfort a priority. We minimize the number of office visits required for your treatment; and we maximize your comfort during each visit. Many of our patients have their new smile in as little as one or two appointments. We offer music headphones, television and movies, even heated blankets. For the ultimate in comfort, we offer "Dentistry While You Sleep." We are one of only a small number of dentist offices licensed in California to perform IV sedation. With over fifty years of combined IV sedation experience, Dr. Cunning and his select team of dentists have perfected this unique service. We provide you with the highest quality of care in a safe and comfortable environment. Only time tested techniques and state of the art equipment are used to ensure your safety.

Visit Cunning Dental Group

How far would you travel for an important medical procedure that will change the rest of your life? An Extreme Hollywood Smile can dramatically improve the quality of your life. Dr. Cunning has received international accolades from his patients and the media. Patients have traveled great distances to receive our specialized care and quality results. In most cases, we can even tailor the treatment plan to accommodate your travel arrangements.

Let us make your dream of an Extreme Hollywood Smile a reality. With Dentistry While You Sleep, you can even dream while we create your dazzling new smile!