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Emergency Dental Care in Southern California

Saving Teeth Before It’s Too Late

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About Cunning Dental Group

Restoring smiles with a gentle touch.

Cunning Dental Group is the premier choice among California dental practices because we have a skillful team of dental specialists on board, including oral surgeons, periodontists, endodontists, and more. When an accident arises in which you need immediate tooth restoration, tooth extraction, or advanced cosmetic dentistry dental treatments, our experienced dentists are at your care.

With dental emergencies, optimum patient comfort is our primal concern. If you have fear of the dentist anxiety, our dentists are licensed to practice sedation dentistry in California.

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What is a Dental Emergency?

We encourage you to seek treatment at Cunning Dental Group if you experience the following signs of a dental emergency:

Generally, any dental problem that requires same-day treatment to relieve intolerable pain, stop bleeding, save a tooth, or treat a severe infection is considered an emergency.

What is Not a Dental Emergency?

If bleeding, pain, or any dental problem can wait, it may not be an emergency. For example, a broken tooth calls for emergency care if the fracture is extremely painful, or in a worst-case scenario, has left sharp fragments that cause injury in the mouth. If the chipped tooth does not hurt, you may wait to see your dentist.

What are the Common Types of Dental Emergencies?

Our main dental practices in Montclair and Irvine, CA is here to help in case of the following dental crises:


What are the Ways to Avoid Dental Emergencies?

Some precautions you can practice to avoid accidental injury to the teeth are:

Our Approach

We are passionate about saving your teeth as we strive to provide:

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