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Dental Problems

Malocclusion of the Teeth

If you have a misaligned bite​, Cunning Dental Group can adjust it with orthodontic treatments.

Cunning Dental Group Can Adjust Your Misaligned Bite With Our Top Doctors

About Malocclusion

Malocclusion is the misalignment of a bite or teeth that are not coming together correctly. It can lead to rapid wearing of the teeth affecting the size, shape and strength of the teeth. If your teeth wear, the shape of your face may change. Malocclusion can also be seen by large spacing or crowding in your smile, an uneven bite or chipped, cracked or broken tooth resulting from misaligned teeth.

Do I Have Malocclusion?

Is your bite is off center? Are your teeth crooked. Do you have space between your teeth? With a misaligned bite you might not have pain or trouble chewing, but it could cause uneven and rapid wearing of your teeth. This could lead to greater dental problems down the road. Malocclusion can be responsible for tooth pain, TMJ pain, headaches, sensitivity of the teeth, poor esthetics, and so much more. Contact Cunning Dental Group today and to have one of our top dentists or prosthodontists help adjust your bite.

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