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Dental Problems

Did You Break, Chip or Crack Your Tooth? Don’t Panic

As top dentists in Southern CA, we are masters in the art of mending a broken tooth.

Chipped tooth have you frowning? Cunning Dental Group can help!

Broken Tooth

Treatment Options for Broken Teeth or Chipped Teeth

Dental Treatments for a broken, cracked or chipped tooth will depend on how bad the damage is. For smaller chips where only a small piece of enamel breaks off, the tooth repair can usually be done simply in one dental visit. A badly cracked, chipped or broken tooth may need a more lengthy dental treatment plan with multiple visits. There are a couple of options for fixing a broken tooth. It really depends on which teeth in your mouth need fixing and how bad was the chip.

Broken or Chipped Tooth Causes

Possible causes of a broken or chipped tooth include:

Front Teeth in the Mouth

If you have a small cracked, broken or chipped front tooth in the mouth then a cosmetic dental procedure like tooth bonding is a common fix. You can have those beautiful pearly white teeth and smile with confidence. A large tooth break may require a dental crown. At Cunning Dental Group our patients get the best zirconia crowns that are very strong and look beautiful.

Back Teeth in the Mouth

If you have a small cracked, broken or chipped back teeth in the mouth then you may need teeth colored dental fillings. The back teeth do generate more chewing force and pressure so when a filling is not sufficient we can do Zirconia crowns as well, especially for larger breaks.

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