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February 15, 2020

5 Critical Mistakes to Avoid with All-on-4 Treatment Concept

Cunning Dental Group previously debunked eight of the most persistent misconceptions about dental implants. In today’s in-depth read, our goal is to assist you in making an informed decision about the most advanced technology in implant dentistry: All-on-4 treatment concept. Replacing your entire row of teeth has never been simpler with our advanced Teeth in 1 Day procedure. Using a minimum number of dental implants, our licensed prosthodontist can restore your picture-perfect smile in just one day. You never have to worry about hiding your broken smile ever again.

Diagram depicting All-on-4 treatment concept implants

But wait. How much do you really know about this advanced technology? You might have heard about the advantages, but what about the potential drawbacks? Though Teeth in 1 Day in Southern California is life-changing, there are common mistakes to avoid with All-on-4 treatment concept.

Mistake #1: Not Working with a Dental Implant Specialist

There is a significant difference between performing the procedure and being able to do it well. You may find several dentists who fit the former, but not too many can deliver the latter.

All on 4 treatment concept can be a glamorous procedure to perform. As a result, the market is saturated with dentists who may have completed a handful of All-on-4 treatment concept surgeries, then heavily advertise it as a primary treatment in their office. This can be a dangerous minefield for unaware patients. If the dentist performing your procedure is inexperienced, your oral health, bank account, and overall quality of life are at risk.

To locate an experienced All-on-4 treatment concept dentist:

Cunning Dental Group consists of specialists in prosthodontic treatments. What’s more, our practice is a leading provider of All-on-4 treatment concept and Teeth in 1 Day in California. View our Smile Gallery for a closer look at our patients' incredible transformations.

Mistake #2: Assuming You are a Suitable Candidate for All-on-4 Treatment Concept

These state-of-the-art dental implants are not a one-size-fits-all option. The treatment is ideal if you have sufficient jawbone structure and gum tissue to support the dental implants. If a dentist performs the procedure and you have inadequate bone volume, the implants have a high chance of failing.

Some tips for determining your eligibility include reviewing your 3D CT Scan X-Rays with your dentist and asking if you have enough bone volume in your jaws. If not, you have other options, including implants holding removable dentures.

Mistake #3: Not Prioritizing the Brand of Dental Implants

Some Americans take pride in purchasing generic brands to save money. Although frugality is a strategic practice for saving cash on groceries and medication, being frugal when it comes to dental care poses certain risks, including:

Keep in mind that you are not paying for the brand name of a dental implant solely. Instead, you are investing in the reliability, longevity, and quality assurance that a brand offers.

Mistake #4: Deciding to Extract All of Your Teeth

A dental extraction is and always will be the last resort. Some patients assume it is a good idea to remove all of their natural teeth to start over again with dental implants. Though this might seem like a wise solution, our goal as top dentists in Southern California is to save as many healthy teeth as possible. If your teeth are healthy, we see no reason to extract them. However, if your teeth have a grim future ahead, we may consider removing them sooner than later.

Mistake #5: Abusing Your New Teeth Immediately After Surgery

Avoid using your new teeth as your natural teeth right away, as they too need time to heal. This is especially true for patients who use their teeth to break open beer bottles or tear packages — two harmful habits that you should stop even with healthy, natural teeth.

An important factor for All-on-4 treatment concept is osseointegration, which describes the bone growing around the implant and setting it in place. Osseointegration is a relatively slow process. The crucial period is the first six weeks. During this time, it is imperative to avoid putting too much pressure on your dental implants. If you do, you will hinder the implant-bone integration, one or more dental implants will fail, and you may need to start over again.

Pain, swelling, and bleeding following surgery are almost nonexistent after the first week or so, making them additional problems rather than advantages. Some patients misinterpret this as a sign that the healing is over.

The best prevention for dental implant failure is to:

The bottom line: do not diagnose yourself as “healed” and risk obstructing your progress.

Attend Cunning Dental Group’s Teeth in 1 Day Seminar in Southern California

If you wish to learn more about All-on-Four treatment concept and Teeth in One Day procedures, we are inviting you to attend our free seminars. Not only will you meet pioneering experts in implant dentistry, but you will also have the chance to interact with Cunning Dental Group’s satisfied patients. Register now to reserve your seat.

Schedule Your Consultation Today

If you are ready to replace your missing teeth with All-on-Four treatment concept, scheduling an appointment with our dentist is the right place to start. The Cunning Dental Team looks forward to answering your questions, conducting meticulous tests, and determining if you are eligible for the All-on-4 treatment concept. Give us a call now at (855) 328-6646 to book an appointment with a top cosmetic dentist in Montclair or Irvine area.


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