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June 23, 2018

Montclair Permanent Teeth in 1 Day Seminar with John Kobylt

Guest Speaker John Kobylt from KFI AM 640 saying a few words at the Permanent Teeth in 1 Day Seminar 6/23/18 in Montclair, CA.

Montclair, CA - Inland Empire residents were treated to an educational seminar on the Permanent Teeth in 1 Day procedure also known as the All-on-4® treatment concept on June 23, 2018. On hand was John Kobylt from KFI AM 640 radio. Fans of KFI Radio were on hand to meet him, ask questions and take photos. Cunning Dental has been working with KFI Radio for their advertisement for over 20 years. It’s great to have the popular on-air personalities like John attend since he is helping to give hope to future patients about this life changing procedure to help fix their teeth!

Teeth In 1 Day Seminar Feb. 17th in Montclair! Learn how you can get new, beautiful permanently attached teeth while you sleep in just 1 day! 🎟️ RSVP: #DentalImplants #1DayImplants #Implants #Dentures

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All-on-4® treatment concept

Yes, the new arch of teeth is permanently attached by 4 dental implants. You cannot remove the teeth yourself at home. This allows patients to regain their chewing capacity. After losing teeth or wearing loose dentures patients can only chew about 10% of their natural teeth. After the Permanent Teeth in 1 Day procedure, they regain anywhere from 60-90% of their chewing ability. Patients that are concerned about eating hard foods again now have hope. Not only that but after the procedure patients will feel more confident and stop worrying about hiding their mouth!

Actual Teeth in 1 Day Patients

These seminars feature actual patients that share their before and after story. Before the Permanent Teeth in 1 Day procedure patients might have a lot of missing teeth. Some have broken, infected or rotten teeth. No matter what the state of the mouth patients will be given dental treatment options. Cunning Dental Group is a full-service dental practice so with their 15 dentists and specialists they can offer the full range of cosmetic dentistry services. Each one of our testimonial patients discusses their specific state of their mouth that led them to consider Teeth in 1 Day. Seminar attendees get a close up look at their teeth and how each testimonial patient talks. The best part is that there is plenty of time for all attendees to ask questions before, during and after the seminar!

What do I need to do next to fix my teeth?

In order to see what is going on in your mouth and figure out a dental treatment plan we need each patient to schedule an exam. Please call (855) 328-6646 or schedule a dental exam online!

All-on-4 Dental Team Answers Frequently Asked Questions

Our top dental surgeons and prosthodontists are on hand to answer questions in our All-on-4 frequently asked questions section of the seminar. During the seminar patients are able to write down questions. Prior to the end of the seminar we pick up the questions and address a few of them live in front of the group. One of the wonderful things about the Permanent Teeth in 1 Day seminar is that patients will have a chance to hear and learn in a group environment. Each time the doctors answer a question the whole room gets to hear the answer directly from the doctors that perform this procedure almost every day!

50 Years is Coming Up

Cunning Dental Group has been helping patients fix their teeth for almost 50 years. In fact, this December they will reach that milestone. If you need to find a dentist in Irvine or Montclair to help fix your teeth then consider the 15 dentists and specialists at Cunning Dental. They have the experience and training to achieve beautiful results. Please contact us at (855) 328-6646 to schedule an exam today!

Monica sharing her story at the Teeth in 1 Day Seminar in Montclair! #dentalimplants #allon4 #newteeth #actualpatient #wednesday #montclair

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